Ebook Review- Easy Profit silent Auctions


Subject: A collection of resources to help you succeed with digital products on eBay by creating multiple streams of income.


Alex Jeffreys got started selling information basket ideas for fundraisers products online by reading Jim Cockrum’s ebook The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay. At 23 he quit his full time job to become a full time Internet Marketer. Alex has also created a number of his own digital products.


The Easy Profit Auctions system provides you with a number of resources to help you use eBay as a platform to create multiple streams of income. The website is split into the following sections, each of which I will explain in the paragraphs below:

– System!!

– Introduction!!

– Index!!

– Ebay!!

– Videos!!

– Bonuses!!

– Tools!!

– Audios!!

– Support!!

– Forum!!

The first section is “System” which funnily enough provides you with an overview of the Easy Profit Auctions system. In this section Alex explains ‘Where to Start’, ‘The best way to set up your System’ and ‘What you will achieve once your system is in Place’. He then finishes this section with an article entitled ’35 Different ways to build a Mailing List’. Overall, this section does contain some useful tips but it is mainly a summary of the rest of the website contents. However, the article ’35 Different ways to build a Mailing List’ is very informative and contains lots of useful ideas – some of which I already use and others which I plan to implement.

Next is the “Introduction” section. In this section Alex gives readers an insight into his background and how he got started online. He cites Jim Cockrum’s The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay as his main inspiration, a recommendation which I also back. He also explains that just because your business is ‘virtual’, it does not mean you don’t have to put in the time or effort – another statement that I agree with. As this section is just an introduction, there isn’t really any useable information, but Alex does state some home truths about online business which I myself agree with.

In the following section, Alex Jeffrey’s moves on to explain his system in greater detail. First, Alex discusses why sell ebooks. You probably already know by now the benefits of selling ebooks, but if not then they are provided here. After this he discusses just how big the ebook business on eBay is, and provides screenshots to back up his estimates. Again, most people know the ebook business on eBay is huge and this section highlights just how large it really is